July 24, 2005  10.09pm est  - Togaen

I had a birthday a few days ago and I got the absolute best birthday card ever from my brother. I... words simply cannot describe, so I've scanned to share with all:

click clickety click click click

Have you guys heard they're making a live action Aeon Flux movie??? I so cannot wait.

 June 15, 2005  12.53am est  - Togaen

Well, everybody who's anybody was at Dan's wedding on Sunday. I know I was. It was such fun, you guys don't even know... let me wrap up the day's experiences in three words: "Footloose Mosh Pit". What's that? You don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Allow me to illuminate...

It all started when the DJ was through playing the obligatory slow dances to commemorate the nascent union of our friends and, on cold nights, lovers Dan and Audra. He'd begun to spin a more contemporary mix of aural pleasantries when upon my unsuspecting awareness an excited voice did fall.

"Jeff!" spake the voice, "Jeff, we have to request 'Footloose'!!" It was the voice of Count Dragon- known to us earthly inhabitants as Dave.

"Dude, sweet!' came my reply, and thus it befell.

As those rhythmic vibrations so well known began coursing through the air we engaged ourselves in the systematic flailing of appendages commonly referred to as "a bunch of white guys trying to dance". All proceeded with relative normalcy until a mass of human flesh collided against that of my own and that sainted voice spaketh once more unto me in what can be described only as a rabid scream:

"MOSH PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

In disbelief I wrestled with the shattering of all preconceptions and understandings I'd held of the world until that very moment in my life. A mosh pit? To Footloose? Surely there is some mistake! But lo, it had come to pass, and Dave was already on course to burrow himself in an uprepared shoulder belonging to Bob. And so it was that we birthed the "Footloose Mosh Pit".

Yeah it was awesome, and Dave is officially my hero. Well I just wanted to share this bit with the two people who may still read this. Peace out.

 June 10, 2005  5.53pm est  - Togaen

Anybody still look at this? In my spare time I've been working out a new site. You can see how it's coming here. There's nothing much there yet. It's been commented (thanks Dan) that I'm still using my old graphics. Well I'm not exactly a graphic artist, so screw you guys. But if anyone wants to contribute time/pics, lemme know.

 December 21, 2004  9.28pm cest  - Togaen

Well... it was my website's birthday a few couple days ago... not that it's really important. It's now five years old. Five. Jesus I'm old... and this site still sucks balls. I really will get around to making a new one; but I'm not gonna lie you guys, it'll probably be awhile.

Of late I've wrapped myself tightly within the murky comforts of my most beloved past-time: retrospection. I've troubled myself with the usual existential mundanities: where's it all come from, where's it all going; but more interesting for me have been the quandries arising from the present tense, from this newly fertile land left ravaged and upheaved by time's merciless scythe. It's a bit funny and a bit ironic how much your view can change depending on your perspective, but all worthwhile when the clouds part and there in a cascade of sunlight and dreams you see the true focal point about which the sun and the stars swing and dance in their glorious rotations. It's the gift of revelation.

 December 10, 2004  11.02am cest  - Togaen

Holy shit... Dimebag Darrell was murdered. On stage. Fucking weird.

 November 27, 2004  7.41pm cest  - Togaen

Never one to leave well enough alone, I "improved" the guestbook I wrote; namely, I redid it so that it doesn't use a table for formatting (I'm a born-again CSSer). Yeah, that only took, like, five hours. Wanna know why? I do too! I had it done, tested it, it worked, made a cosmetic change and then it was broken. Huh. I fiddled and fiddled... but nothing. Four hours later it finally works and I'm still don't have a clue why the hell it wasn't working the whole time. The whole damn thing is like ten lines of code; there's not much there that can go wrong. I don't understand computers sometimes.

I actually wanted to rant and rave about that but my little comment about getting rid of the table has made me a bit sentimental... tables aren't going to be around much longer, in fact, they're practically already dead. Practically nobody uses them anymore. In a way it's sad, because they're a quick, easy and powerful way to get stuff organized. This entire site is formatted with tables (gosh, those were the days... so young and naive...). They are, however, extrememly limiting as they don't really fit into the flow of the document. CSS, on the other hand, let's you control everything- the whole page is like playdough in your hands... but it's either CSS or nothing; it doesn't play well with tables. It's a natural progression I suppose, CSS really is superior, it's just sad to see an old friend lose his stay...

Jesus. I getting sentimental about markup tags. I'ma run to the store and pickup a life.

 November 22, 2004  4.54pm cest  - Togaen

I just finished making a guestbook for my new site. Next I'm gonna write posting code and then I might start actually making the site. This brings to mind a horror of mondern abbreviation: blog.

This word is just wrong. The technical industry has a reputation for pumping out abbreviations and acronyms at a breathtaking speed which are, for the most part, catchy. My personal favourite is "pixel"- a word brought into this world through a union of "picture" and "element". But there are many others. Take "laser", for instance; bet you didn't even know that was an acronym. It stands for:
Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.
Beautiful, isn't it? This play of words? But then something dreadful happened; namely, the internet. Not that the internet itself is dreadful, but it facilitated a magnitude of communication which our poor language simply couldn't handle. Punctuation? Don't need it. Capital letters? What for? Complete sentences? That's so ten years ago. Proper grammar? Shit, who yo name is, thug. And I'm okay with all of that... well... no, not really, but I don't have to hear it, so I don't care. But to come to the point of this, there is one byproduct of this that I keep hearing over and over and over. And it is this word: "blog". I hate this word. This is such an ugly, hideous, disgusting word. I can't even begin to describe how despicable this word is because no other word will have anything to do it. All other words either run away screaming at its very mention or throw rotten tomatoes at it and tell it to burn in hell.

There wasn't really a point to that rant, I just hate that word. Is it really so difficult or time consuming to say "web log"? Is it?

 November 12, 2004  11.51pm cest  - Togaen

Starting next year I'm going to whoring myself out in the webdesign business. Wanna see my new business site? Didn't think so, but here's the link anyway: Togaen Webdesign.

 November 11, 2004  8.39am cest  - Togaen

This could be good, could be bad. Let's wait and see.

The return of Netscape!! I, for one, am a very very satisfied user of the FireFox browser and I highly suggest that everyone go download it. My prediction is that in the not to distant future we will see renewed browser wars not only because Firefox's market share is steadily increasing, but because of type of people who are switching: developers. Firefox is almost 100% standards compliant, which means that unlike IE, it renders web pages the way they are supposed to be rendered. As you can imagine, people making web pages love this. I love this. And if the people making the site use this browser, it won't be long until the people viewing the sites are using it as well. Afterall, it's just plain better. Microsoft won with IE but then dropped the ball- whatever happened to this drive to innovate they kept talking about? When was the last time we saw an upgrade to IE? Funny how this drop in innovation coincides with the fact that the major competition was destroyed... but I'm sure there's no connection. Nope. Well, that figurative ball is now laying on the playground and the Mozilla foundation has picked it up. I can't wait to see how far they run with it.

Tonight, on this the 11th day of the 11th month at 11.11pm Karneval begins. Rock on.

 October 28, 2004  10.21pm cest  - Togaen

First things first: last night I got to play Doom3... yeah... I want a new computer. After three years of separation anxiety the computer finally found something to lure me back; and that something is naturally the child of what lured me in in the first place. Seriously, that game rocked my nuts. Hardcore. Good-bye social life, hello blood thirsty zombies from hell. Then when I'm bored with playing the latest id creation I can spend all my free time building my website (which I have finally begun). Just like the good old days! Maybe I can even regain a bit of that precious figure I had which I'd tragically lost through my uptake of "physical activity". I could even pay a visit to my old stomping grounds at the stileproject...

..or not.

I haven't been idle here in Germany. Well, at least not for the past few weeks. I've been educating myself in order to try and make some cash- and if my foray into the world of tantric hampster love doesn't pan out, I'm going to fall back on doing websites. I didn't realize how much I didn't know about that stuff. But now I've put my ass in the know; my next site will be better than this one. Funny, I was so proud of this one when I made it, but now I don't even give out the address anymore out of shame.

I just realized this afternoon that I have an ATM card. Cool, eh? I'm sick right now and not enjoying it. I mean, like, actually sick. Sucks. But I'm looking forward to coming home, that'll be fun... especially if the promises of licentiousness are kept.

My site is approaching its fourth birthday and fourth iteration- craziness. I'm getting old. What the hell.

 October 23, 2004  1.55pm cest  - Togaen

So I lied about the having a new site up in about a week thing... truth is, I haven't even started. I know, I suck. I did, however, just buy plane tickets to come back once again and save Angola from... from... um... John. Yeah, be thankful. That's right. I got to thinking while I was doing that (buying the tickets) that there could perhaps be something better I could be doing with my money... something constructive, something beneficial, something that could prove to be a foundation for a full and successful life. But then I thought, nah, I'll come home for a bit. It's pretty much the only time of year when everyone is there and then I won't have to come back at all until my time here in Germany here is up (*sniff!* *sniff!* what a sad thought!). Not that I have to come back, but ya know how it is.

Right now it's a lazy Saturday afternoon and I'm trying to figure out what to do with myself for the rest of the day. Haven't really decided yet, and I'll probably occupy myself with the decision making process until the day is up. Now there's a good plan.

 October 18, 2004  11.20pm cest  - Togaen

Christopher Walken rules.

"I've made movies I haven't even seen. I've done some that are straight to video, which is what most actors fear. I've also made movies that haven't even gone straight to video. They've gone straight to oblivion."

- Christopher Walken in the San Francisco Chronicle.

 October 6, 2004  10.01am cest  - Togaen

I'm back. Expect a new site within a couple weeks. I've outgrown this one.

 December 9, 2003  9.50am est  - Togaen

As I was walking home this morning I got to thinking about the mechanics of walking. It's really pretty fascinating; it's essentially a controlled fall. If you're standing upright and begin to walk, what's the first thing you do? You lean forward, shifting your center of balance and beginning to fall, then immediately throw a foot out in front of you to catch yourself. You land on your foot, momentum pushes your body forward over your foot and you throw your other foot out to catch yourself again. To stop, you push back with one of your feet to negate the forward momentum. Pretty cool. Of course the mechanics of balance are really interesting... really complicated... a marvel really. Anyway as I was thinking about this it struck me how inefficient walking, or even bipedal motion in general, is. I mean, compared to other animals' means of locomotion, walking or running on two legs is ludicrous. Think about it, we've got half our body hanging up here just being dead weight, our legs have to carry all of it without getting any help in return. If you look at a dog or a horse or something you see that basically their entire body is geared to motion, and consequently they can move incredibly fast and for long durations. Us? We're just lumbering hulks. So what's the use?

The more I thought about it, the more intrigued I became until I realized what the benefit was. I'd compared us to other animals so I started thinking about the motivation for our design as compared to that of other animals. A dog is built for speed and duration because it hunts to survive and must be able to chase down its prey otherwise it will die. A horse has to be able to outrun a predator or it will be eaten and thus die. But do people have to run to catch food? No. Do we have to run to avoid becoming food? No. We raise our own food, and build shelters to protect us. So there isn't a reason to develop strong locomotive capacities. But there still must be some advantage to our walking/running because our bodies are designed specifically to do it. In fact, we're the only primate whose primary form of locomotion is bipedalism. As I was walking home I was thinking about all this and fidgeting in my pocket as I am wont to do when it struck me: unlike almost any other animal and certainly any other primate, we can be in full motion and still have our hands totally free for other uses. Our adaptive advantage is our brain, right? Well how do we use this brain? Our hands, of course! We are consummate tool makers and users; that is our claim to fame. Being bipedal allows use to move around and use our hands to full ability at the same time. It's this that allows us to be so adept at farming, hunting, gathering and shelter building. This is the advantage to bipedalism.

The human body is really an extraordinary thing. It's an extraordinary thing in that it is not extraordinary at all. It's poorly designed to withstand the rigors of life and inefficient in its abilities. But then, unlike other animals whose bodies are elegant, powerful, and efficient, our body is not what allows us to survive. It is our brain that allows us to survive, and as a tool to implement the whims of the mind, the human body is damn near perfect.

 December 8, 2003  1.03pm est  - Togaen

I've just read a review of the Alien Quadrilogy that bashed Alien3. I don't understand. I loved Alien3. I haven't seen it in a few years and now I'm scared to watch it; but I remember it being one of my favourite movies ever. Hm. Of course, everyone also bashed Alien: Resurrection and rightly so... that movie sucked hardcore. It was a disgrace to filmmaking. But anyway, they say the new set has 30 minutes of new footage for Alien3 so now I really wanna see that. The first and second movies, of course, got the rave reviews they deserve. I've seen the extended version of Aliens (I used to own the Alien Legacy set, which had the coolest box design in the history of... box design, but someone stole it... fucking whores) and it is farking awesome. Seriously.

Dammit, I would just buy the Legacy set again, 'cause I like the box more and I don't care about all the 'making of' and documentary crap... but I wanna see the new Alien3 footage. Maybe I'll just get the Legacy, then buy the new Alien3 when it comes out separately and swap discs. Yeah that sounds like a good idea.

 December 7, 2003  10.01am est  - Togaen

We're running on an Adam & Tristan theme today... got a few new quotes, and I posted a conversation Tristan sent me awhile ago; modern civilization would be lost without these guys. Go.

 December 6, 2003  9.43am est  - Togaen

 December 4, 2003  5.37pm est  - Togaen

Ya know, I'm really kind of retarded. People shouldn't listen to what I say with anything resembling a trust of the words issuing from my lips. Except what I just said, of course. Believe me, I've listened to me before and nothing good comes of it. I can only ever speak with authority if I'm surrounded by documented proof of my ideas and can constantly prop myself upon their genious. I've never come up with something and then not found something wrong with it upon close inspection. Ever. Seriously. Hell, 93% of the time I write these posts I upload them, read them, then make corrections. I hate making mistakes. I'm very Japanese like that. I think I'm turning Japanese, I think I'm turning Japanese, I really think so. And I'm such a dork. When ya think about it, I've really got nothing good going for me. That's why I turn to Dave's ass. It doesn't judge, it just loves.

Man Dave is hot.

 December 02, 2003  5.50pm est  - Togaen

I just got the coolest thing ever: The Dark Crystal Collector's Edition. Oh my god. I damn near blew a load when I saw this in Wal-Mart... of course, I damn near blew something else when I saw the price tag: $40. Was it worth it? No. Did I buy it? Hell yes. Come on, cut me some slack; this is a masterpiece and probably the single fondest childhood memory I have. So what did I get for this exorbitant price? Oh just you sit back and I will tell you:
  • A DVD packed full of features I'll probably never watch
  • "The Mithra Treatment" Jim Henson's original treatment of the film... this is the main reason I bought it
  • A replication of the notepad Jim Henson sketched out his original ideas for the film on (yes, they actually reproduced an entire notepad in miniature- it is beyond awesome)
  • A limited edition numbered image from the motion picture and its corresponding 35mm film (I don't really know what the point of that one was, but its still cool)
  • A special forward from Cheryl Henson (his daughter, who was with him when he dreamed up the movie)
Seriously, my life is so complete now that I have this. It's so weird, I hadn't even thought about this movie for the longest time, then just recently it came up in conversation and now I see it at Wal-Mart. Talk about fate. How could I resist? Now if only John would get his skank ass home so I can invite myself over and watch it. Damn commie. I'm listening to Opeth's Damnation album. It's really good. It's really mellow and groovy. A great homework accompaniment. They are such a great band to be able to go from Black Water Park to this. Just incredible. You guys have no idea what I'm talking about; but that's okay. Download 'In my time of need' and 'the funeral portrait' if you wanna PYAITK (that's "put your ass in the know", in case you happen not to be in the know).

 November 29, 2003  10.58am est  - Togaen

Yesterday was William Blake's birthday. He was born 246 years ago. I wonder what the world will be like 246 years from now. On the TV right now are a bunch of baby gorillas. I wish I were a baby gorilla. Runnin' around, climbing on vines. Yeah that would be fun.

I bought a "Russian in 10 minutes a day" book. It is the coolest thing ever. The cyrillic alphabet 0wnz j00. It has 33 characters and the print and script alphabets are almost completely different. Did you know in Russian there are no articles? They don't have words for 'the' or 'a'. Yes, that is right. They also have something like a gagillion different cases... or something like that, the book I got isn't a grammar book, it's more like a primer so it doesn't explain anything it just gave an example of a few words with six different endings depending on which part of the sentence it was in.

My mom threw a going away party for me last night (well ostensibly for me, but really for her) which actually turned out to be pretty good... for me anyway, I know my friends didn't think so but that's to be expected; they had no connection to anyone there. Except me maybe. I spent the morning putting things into boxes in preparation for my imminent departure. I made sure to include some of my favourite childhood books and trinkets to share with my young charge once I arrive. I have this cool glow in the dark skeleton book, and pop-up dinosaurs and creatures of the deep books. They are awesome, I got them at a book fair in elementary school. I am even going to bring the first book I ever read, "The Tale of the Dinosaurs". I was kinda big on dinosaurs as a little tike.

 November 27, 2003  7.27pm est  - Togaen

I just cleaned my keyboard and my mouse... they kinda needed it. See, I don't ever really look at my keyboard, 'cause when I'm typing I'm watching the screen and when I'm not using it it's tucked neatly under my desk thanks to the sliding keyboard drawer. My brother came over though and used my computer and he tactfully and delicately informed of the the dire condition of its hygiene ("Jeff, your keyboard is fuckin' nasty you need to clean it"). So clean it I did. Now it looks just like it did when it was new. I'm so proud of it. Oh man... Lake Placid is on TV. The movie is kinda dumb but it has Bridget Fonda... and she is what I like to call a severe hotty. Totally severe. I swear, if she and Claire Danes were ever in the same movie... oh my god. It would be my Woman on Top.

17 more days until I fly off to Germany for a year... I cannot wait.

 (date)  (time)  - Togaen

You know, I've always wanted to be on a jury, and as luck would have it I'm going to be in the jury pool for 2004! Except I'm going to be in Germany! Fuck! Oh well, nice to know the state acknowledges my existence for something other than taxes.

I am reading what may very well be the best novel ever. Ever. Even better than

 October 20, 2003  5.21pm est  - Togaen

This is really cool. It is about the intelligence of octopuses; witness:

Some captive octopuses lie in ambush and spit in their keepers' faces. Others dismantle pumps and block drains, causing costly floods, or flex their arms in order to pop locked lids. Some have been caught sneaking from their tanks at night into other exhibits, gobbling up fish, then sneaking back to their tanks, damp trails along walls and floors giving them away.

I've always thought octopuses were cool, but I had no idea they were so smart. After reading this article it's quite clear that they are orders of magnitude more intelligent than dogs. I hate dogs. But that's another story. I think I was an octopus in my previous life; they seem like my kind of people.

I have a test to study for. I have a test for which to study. I have to study for a test. English as a second language? I see no problem. I really do have a test for which to study though... Russian history. What a fascinating subject, reading the literature is like watching some deranged soap opera; I mean, you couldn't make this stuff up.

 October 14, 2003  6.43pm est  - Togaen

Awhile ago I switched servers so now the interactive parts of the site are inoperable... I could fix them, but that would require me doing something. So it ain't gonna happen. I did go through and tie off the b0rk'd vestiges though, so surf at will.

As for news in my life, a couple Fridays ago my car was totalled; so that was fun. I was pulling out from Northcrest road left onto North Wayne (anyone unfamiliar with Angola's tragically dull road system can just nod and smile) when someone ran the red on N. Wayne and plowed into the driverside rear of my car. Luckily I had seen him coming and gunned the accelerator in a futile attempt to remove myself from his trajectory; if I hadn't, he'd have slammed into my door and I'd have spent some time in the hospital or even better been killed. Well anyway, his car struck mine and threw me and my car around 180°. I looked around, saw that I was fine, that my glove box was wide open (and would not now close... how did that happen? I haven't the faintest), and that my car now had an odd tilt to it. I stepped out. There was debris everywhere. My rear bumper had come almost comletely off, his bumper was laying in the road beside my car and his car some forty feet away. The sky was awash in autumnally gray clouds and a brisk chill blew through the air. It was really a cool scene, I wish I had seen it happen.

Well luckily this happened (literally) two weeks after I switched off full coverage insurance after having been on it for two years. That's my life. No problem though, right? The other guy is supposed to have insurance so that will cover it... nope. He didn't have insurance. It wasn't even his car. I never found out what happened to him, the police took him away pretty quickly. So I went to my insurance company fully prepared to be told to suck it up and go home only to find that indeed I am covered in the event I'm mauled by some jacknut without insurance... but that have to prove that he is not covered; so only this morning did an adjustor come out and look at my car and maybe tomorrow I'll finally see what, if anything, I'll get out of it all. What a way to go. I liked that car too, it was a good car. The only thing in my life I could depend upon fully... then this guy had to come and take my baby away from me... BASTARD!!!!!

Okay I'm better now.

Man, I haven't done anything with this site in a long time. I feel like I'm visiting my childhood home. Hm. I'm not sure, but I think that's really really sad. Or pathetic. One of the two. Anyway, my mom (heretoafter referred to as Momslice) is taking some classes at IPFW and she saw in the student paper that the English department was having a contest to see who could write the best story in exactly fifty words... and they didn't say it was restricted to students, just to readers of the paper. So through this merry loophole I happily skipped and entered a few. Having done that and now spending a rare moment on the ol' site-o-love, I've posted them for your viewing pleasure. Check it.

I was going to learn Arabic after I spend some time in Germany, but now I wanna learn Russian. If anyone wants to undertake this with me, lemme know.

 October 2, 2003  10.26am est  - Togaen

This is just too good:

Saddam 'may have bluffed' on WMDs
Saddam Hussein may have been pretending to possess weapons of mass destruction, the US Congress is expected to be told by the man in charge of the US-led hunt for Iraqi weapons.

 September 30, 2003  7.36pm est  - Togaen

I fucking hate my modem/internet connection. Anytime I try to do more than one thing at a time it disconnects. Fuck. Well in other news, this is a very sad day. check it.

This is interesting too:

The study by the Canadian Institute for Health Information rejects the widespread assumption that women live longer because of an inborn biological advantage.

"If you could stop accidents and smoking-related diseases and things like that in men, in fact the life expectancy's exactly the same," Donna Stewart, chair of women's health at the Women's Health Network and co-author of the report, said in an interview.

 September 25, 2003  5.42pm est  - Togaen

hahahha... wow... The Onion has just written about every converstaion I've ever had with my friends:

Double-Entendre Doesn't Stand Up To Scrutiny
BALTIMORE- Though the risqué comment provoked giggles from coworkers, a double-entendre made by Natural Land Foods cashier Don Mallard Monday failed to hold up upon examination, linguistics expert Randolph Cox said. "The group was thoroughly pleased when Don told Gary [Pickard], 'I'll bet you'll water her plants while she's away,'" Cox said. "But let's look at the phrase 'while she's away.' If she's not physically present, how could sexual relations occur between Gary and his attractive young female neighbor?" Cox called Mallard's attempt at wordplay "a good try."

 September 24, 2003  4.03pm est  - Togaen

So back to that number of possible CDs... here are some fun facts related to it (if you want copy of the derivation of these numbers, I will happily provide it; seriously, I get off on this stuff):

  • 26,256,728,000  is approx. equal to: 7.247 x 101,883,473,827
  • Given a digit size of 1/8" x 1/8" writing the number would take almost 157,376 sheets of A4 size paper front and back.
  • Written out, the number would be 3715.8 miles long.
  • If you wrote the number parallel to the equator at 81.4 degrees Latitude it would circle the earth.
  • Writing at 4 digits/sec (that's a pretty good pace) it would take 14.92 years to write the whole thing.

It's my guess that most out there don't have a real grasp on how large this number is, let me put it this way: estimates of the number of particles in the universe vary widely, but they are within [1075,1090).

Now, if I do my math correctly 1090 << 7.247 x 101,883,473,827

That '<<' is the math way of saying 'much fucking smaller'. So this number is a smidge under 20,927,487 orders of magnitude larger than the number of particles in the known universe. So like I said, the number is practically infinite.

 September 21, 2003  4.39pm est  - Togaen

I just got A Perfect Circle's new album "Thirteenth Step". It's friggin' awesome. Everyone should go get it. They sound like a real band now, and unlike the first one this one is solid all the way through. Definately much improved. Seriously, it's really good. I also stole a copy of PC Boggle from the University coffee shop. Life is good.

Hm. Turns out this Boggle sucks severely. Won't be playing that anymore. As another note of interest (even though John did not think it was interesting... whatever) and while I'm on the subject of CDs... wanna know how many CDs are possible? What's that? Didn't know there was a limit? Well there is, and it is:


So there you go. Every possible CD recording. Imagine your favourite album, now imagine your favourite song on that album, now image half way through it the band members stop to chat about soy-bean futures... it's among those records. Pretty cool huh? You're probably saying, no way, that's not possible, there can't be a limit. Well there can and there is; there has to be. The data on a 74 minute audio CD is made up of exactly 6,256,728,000 binary digits and those digits can only come in so many combinations... represented by the number above. Don't get all indignant on me though, that's an enormous number. For all practical purposes it is infinite.

Now imagine your favourite song on your favourite record cutting away half way through to Mr. Rogers reciting the communist manifesto in Finnish... it's in there. Similar examinations can be done of books. There are only so many letters, right? Put a limit on the pages and letters per page and bingo! You can figure out how many possible publications there are. Always remember: The Universe is Finite.

 July 17, 2003  4.10pm est  - Togaen

Whew. It was a hoax. Click.

In other news, this is really interesting: click

 July 16, 2003  3.55pm est  - Togaen

Wow. I mean wow. Metallica just lost all of my respect. I hope this is a hoax. Click.

 June 5, 2003  12.53pm est  - Togaen

I just saw the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life. You guys know what I've seen, and this by far is just... wow... I mean, it just made me sick. It was a commercial for the Swiffer duster, and in the commercial were strategically placed 'Maid in Manhattan' memorabilia. Can you believe that? Product placement advertising... in a commercial. Wow.

 May 29, 2003  12.43pm est  - Togaen

I am finally all moved into my new rooms. Yes that is right, I have two rooms; and they are awesome. Seriously awesome. I've got all my pictures and posters up... and I swear to god, the Kiss poster just keeps getting hotter. Everytime I look at it, it is hotter. I do not understand how that happens, but one thing you do not see, is me complaining. That poster, in conjuction with my desk makes my rooms, officially and collectively, the Greatest Thing Ever. I got the desk thanks to the efforts of Mrs. Tonne- which equilizes the grave misdeed she did in spoiling the thong conspiracy.

 May 19, 2003  11.02pm est  - Togaen

 May 19, 2003  1.15pm est  - Togaen

I just downloaded Mozilla and it is so awesome I can not even describe it. Last time I used it, it sucked. Now... well... I suck for not having used it. Seriously. Everyone go get it.

There were three guys in my Differential Equations class... now there are only two. One of them died in a car accident Friday. I didn't even know his name.

 April 17, 2003  7.56pm est  - Togaen

Man... I'm sitting in my room at my old house- it's empty save for my computer desk and me and this godforsaken Access project. I have no experience with Access, and I get this thing dumped on me with a month left of school... well not just me, but my group. But oh wait, it is just me, because of the three of us, one bailed and hasn't shown up to school for two weeks and the other is a complete tool who doesn't know his ass from a hole in the ground... so I get to do everything. Like always. I can't ever get a partner that has, like, any intelligence. So now, after spending two weeks just trying to figure out what the hell I'm supposed to do I'm spending all my time trying to figure out how the hell to do it. Good thing I've worked with VBA before!! OH WAIT! I HAVEN'T! I DON'T KNOW A FUCKING THING ABOUT IT!!!! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING!!! Crap. And it's due Wednesday. And we have to give a presentation. In front of the whole faculty and board of directors. In the auditorium. This is going to suck. And then the day after that I get to finish a 7-page paper and give another half hour presentation. Yay.

 April 15, 2003  11.18am est  - Dave

Okay, it's the dawn of a new penial tooth fork. What up everyone!?!? The Dragon is posting bizatches. Anyway, this is just a pre-post to get ya'll warmed up cuz I know you can't handle dis. Dis unbearable package of a bonified cock! We're talking about 20 lbs. of man steel. Let me tell ya. Holy shit. Yeah, that's right. Did everyone wish Tristan a happy 21st buttrape day?!? Yeah, he received his 21st YEAR of buttrapings on the 12th. Yeah, I've been raping his cum crusted butt since he was 3 months old. That's pretty fucking young. Talk about child rape. Shit. That's like, not-even-child rape. Damn. That's like baby murder almost. cuz I almost killed Tristan at that time too. I rammed my cock into his crusty asshole and unloaded my wad and BAM!!!! He almost popped like a little baby balloon. Haha. Just imagine it. It's cool. Tristan almost blowing up. Yeah, my penial men are superior. They are made up of cast man iron and loaded with .50 calipers of semen rapage. YOu better believe they will give it to you in your ass and out your hair fallicles. Anyway, my life has not changed much. Still no woman, still fat, still loving my pillow strong. You know, the good stuff. Although, I've found that I do somewhat enjoy my life more now. I've learned to live with myself and learned to live alone with myself. There are still times where I get depressed but then I just think about shooting semen into pictures... I mean, I just think about shooting pictures. That always occupies my mind for awhile. Then I think of Jeff and it's all over. For him... Cuz I massacre his ass in Quake and rape him into bitter tomorrow if he is lucky. Otherwise, like I told him, my penial men will fuck his shit up into non-existence. Speaking of shit, for the past few weeks when I'm at work at the China Drag. They have this fish tank there and I find myself counting all the fishes that have shit sticking out of them. That's about a good few mins. wasted there. While my life passes me by, I watch fish take shits. How interesting. Anyway, I have to conclude that blondes are really really really dumb. And so is Tristan. But people named Dan are really really sexy when they are wet. Well, I will post again full blast with a lot of semen when time comes. Until that time cums, you will too. Peace.

Semenly yours,

Dave "Who let the cocks out in a massive rape attack on Tristan's ass" Tam

 April 14, 2003  3.21pm est  - Togaen

Let's all go and play on Dan's message board... it's alot prettier than my site:


 April 14, 2003  2.19pm est  - Togaen

Some chick just left a message on my answering machine. I have no idea who it was... it was: "Hello? Jeff? Hello?..." usw. Maybe she was a hot young lusty who'd heard of my godlike sexual prowess and become striken with want... then, reborn a creature of pure sexual need as she was and unable to conduct even the most rudimentary cognition sans predication on my hot man-body, she threw herself at passers-by and strangers, all the while becoming stranger herself, in search of me. Eventually, ravaged from without by time and from within by unchecked hormonal imbalance she stumbled upon one of The Few- those who act as my conduits to a world whose frail structure can hardly withstand the full brunt of my Sex. From this disciple of love she acquired means of contact to me... so then, frantic and wanton, she phoned; so distraught in eagerness she realized not that she spoke to a machine in lieu of the machine. I. And now I simply wait until she quits this convulsing sorrow that surely engulfs her now so she may dial again.

 April 9, 2003  10.43pm est  - adam

Jeff brought us food
by Adam

 April 9, 2003  3.13pm est  - Togaen

I am at Purdue right now. Adam is showing me his talking octopus (no not that... sickos). It's cool. Tristan is at some lame Spanish interview thingy... as if that is important. Whatever. Throughout the room are dueling icons of Cyclists and Volkswagens... it is like a warzone... it is über nein kühl. Unlike Adam; who is ja über kühl. What kind of word is cantelope anyway. I don't trust it.

 April 5, 2003  11.44pm est  - Togaen

A Portrait of Tristan
by Adam

 April 2, 2003  3.00pm est  - Togaen

Evanescence friggin' kicks ass. Kinda funny, I was in Wal-Mart loitering around and I saw the CD sitting on their shelf and I thought "that looks cool" so I played the preview but I couldn't hear it because there was too much white trash talking about white trash things. I figured I'd just check it out later. Then that night John gets on ICQ for the first time in like 80 years and tells me he just got the CD and it's awesome... so he brings it over, I concur, and this morning I bought my own copy. It's good stuff, dark metal with a female singer- it works so well as to be absurd.

 April Fools day, 2003  12.01pm est  - adamn

Well the month comes to an end, and the day of Tristan is upon us, otherwise know as Aprils fools day. Coincidence that he was born 11 days later? Its as if he was mocking his mother, "Ha, I'll burden you for 11 more days!". I have found many ways to scare Tristan upon his exit into the room, just today I stood on the sink (which is right by the door) waiting for him to enter. He fears coming into the room now, as he should.

I got a letter from the School of Design Friday turning me down for graduate school. What do I say to that? I'm still gonna take one of your jobs you little hippie crap stains.

 March 31, 2003  11.32pm est  - adamn


 March 27, 2003  6.49pm est  - Togaen

Oh wow, everyone go read The Onion's Point-Counterpoint on the Iraq war, it is absolutely brilliant, just brilliant; second only to God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule.

Another notable Onion headline: "Vital Info On Iraqi Chemical Weapons Provided By U.S. Company That Made Them"

 March 26, 2003  7.36pm est  - Uber Adam

So this is the worst week ever. I take the GRE friday, my application to Grad school is due monday, my application to a fellowship is due friday, i promised to make a logo for a friends schools rave, I forgot to pay my credit card bill (besides I dont have enough anyway), I have a take home midterm Thursday, my group fried the Departments $5,000 motion capture suit, I have some drawings to do, physics homework, and to top it off I live with Tristan. He did get a haircut finally, so he deserves a headpat and a milkbone.

All I have to say is things better pick up, because I'm really dragging. Friendly emails or visits welcome. Tristan up for adoption.

 March 17, 2003  7.27pm est  - Togaen

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices."

 March 14, 2002  8.42pm est  - Togaen

hahahhaha... oh man, The Onion rulez:

Museum Appreciation Tips:
#2: If you don't experience a painting with all five senses, you aren't truly experiencing it.

 March 13, 2003  9.38pm est  - Togaen

Und die Welt zählt laut bis zehn

The podium floats upon the roar,
the applause- a torrid sea of fanaticism,
throws the wind hither and thither,
wildness chants and the sun cowers beneath the horizon-
slowly I make my way...
each step an ascent in the minds of the throngs
upon the stairs of their idolatry/
a descent from the heights of my own conviction.

Cover breaks and the air stills at my meet-
silence blankets creation

As the eagle I spread my wings and leap from the
podium so far above
the throngs and wildness
the frantic energy embedded below
draws me as no gravity could
to the madness...
head to the ground, upside-down as I am,
I frown, so that memory may remember my smile,
And I'm torn asunder by the vicious claws of reality.

 March 6, 2003  4.41pm est  - Togaen

Well the prank of the century was foiled. Loose lips will sink ships. John is off to Germany to look at a bass... and Anne says to me, "wouldn't it be funny if we replaced all his underwear with lingerie?" to which I reply, "why yes, I do believe it would". So we run off to Wal-Mart and buy a bunch of cheesy thongs and this morning Anne made the switch. The operation went flawlessly... until...

she told her mom. Right when John left, she told her mom.

And then, Mrs. Tonne, gatecrasher that she is, ran out and told John everything... even made him give up the thongs. That seriously ruined my day. Crapola.

Everybody can send flame mail to Mrs. Tonne here:

I will be sure she gets it.

 March 4, 2003  1.54pm est  - Togaen

Finally, my phone line is fixed. Whoever it was that wired this house needs to be shot. In the head. 476 times. Not only was the wiring job really shitty, but the layout was phenomenally retarded. Get this, the main line runs straight from the junction box, into the basement where it leads upstairs to the jack... that much makes sense, but the second line... oh lordy the second line, does it follow the same path? Of course not. Why would it, I mean that would make SENSE!!!! JESUS FUCKING CHRIST... what the hell, a phone cable can carry two lines, you'd think it would just run in with the first... but it didn't. Know why? Because instead of being standard four conductor wire, the main line is THREE conductor. Here's what I want to know... what the fuck do you do with THREE conductor wire?? That makes NO sense. So you know how the second line (mine) was run? It runs all the way around the house, up the gutter, and into a hole in the wall in my room. Is it just me, or is that stupid? I mean really, come on. So here was my plan, 'well easy, I'll just replace the main line with four conductor wire and run a cable up to my room through the wall'. Oh sure, if only it was that easy. The main line came in from the box to the basement via a small hole in the foundation, so just tape the new line to the old and pull it through, right? OH NO... WRONG!!! You see, the line didn't go straight through, for some ungodly reason, it runs halfway through the mortar in the brick, goes a quarter inch to the right, three-quarter inches up, and through a beam of wood. This made it virtually impossible to pull the new wire through. So I'm stuck, what do I do. Easy, I punch a hole the rest of the way through the mortar and run the line through that. Where there is no path, make your own. Fucking bastards. Then, to top it off, right when I get to reconnecting the line to the junction box, the temperature drops to zero and it starts snowing; can you say... frostbite? Took me twenty minutes to do what would have taken 3 in warmer weather; what with running inside to thaw my fingers all the time. But now it works, and I have further proven my awesomnicity.

 February 27, 2003  6.47pm est  - Togaen

Man, if this works out, it will be the coolest thing ever.

 February 27, 2003  12.23pm est  - adam

No matter what anyone says about Mr. Rogers, a very important part of my childhood is forever gone. He helped me become who I am, and challenged me to use my mind. The neighborhood is a little smaller today.

 February 24, 2003  11.42pm est  - adam

I have feet.

In other news, I'm applying to Graduate school, which could quite possibly mean two more years in this state. That’s two more years till my goal of moving somewhere that it hardly ever gets below 50 degrees in the winter, where I can take the 66' out of the garage anytime I want. I want to cruise, and I want it now.

On a side note, I'd really like to climb another mountain this summer. I did Carrigan last summer, named after the man who named the Presidential mountains. A shot taken from the top of Mt. Carrigan, that I did not take, but at an angle from which I took one of much better quality: here . I’ve also done Mt. Monadnock Twice: here . You can see Mt. Washington from both, and the cool thing about Monadnock is that small planes fly by at almost eye level once you get up there. The top of Monadnock is bald, Carrigan is not, but you get a beautiful view from a fire tower. Both are almost a mile high, and I spent the night on top of Carrigan. Anyone interested in a trip this summer?

 February 20, 2003  1.44pm est  - Togaen

Alright alright, enough people complained about it, so I moved my class website here. And now you can go back to your regularly scheduled updates. Take it away Adam.

 February 2, 2003  5.17pm est  - Adam

I have been appointed the special privilege of being assistant content manager for this site and its owner. I don’t plan on abusing my privileges, only you, the reader.

For my first post in all of Togaen history, I thought I'd write about reality TV. What a load of crap, sorry loyal viewers, this junk doesn’t get my thumbs up. Take a look at one of these shows, Joe Millionaire: A guy gets to lie about how much money he has, and then he has 30(?) women to fight over him. Right there, stop the tape. I have never had that happen to me. I've never been dangled over a tank of electric eels, or had to eat anything that was moving just five minutes before, or had to survive in some country where you might wake up to a lion gnawing on your head. Whilst I was not doing all of this, a TV crew has never followed me around… such is my life.

Now if they were to follow me around, and give me money, that might be interesting. Look at the main thing I have going for me: I live with Tristan. Or amongst him, whatever.

Here is what I spend a portion of any given class doing, a doodle:


 January 31, 2003  10.52pm est  - Togaen

Alright listen everybody, see that link at the bottom in the middle of the screen? Die VolksAdam Seite? Click it. Now. Do it. Tristan and Adam have outdone themselves.

And FYI, everything is archived, I wrote that last post while I was in the process of archiving, but by posting it, the archiving was completed; so you can catch all your favourite action from the past by just clicking the timespan you desire.

 January 28, 2003  8.25pm est  - Togaen

Arichiving = fun!

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