Name: Togæn
Mass: ~90.9dm³ butter
Height: ~1.2224773e-11 au
Favourite Color: Green
Hobbies: Not this website, that's for damn sure.
Fun Me Facts:
  • WPM: 86
  • I've never broken a bone
  • In 2nd grade I could fit a banana in my mouth
  • Presently, I can get half a soda can in there
  • I have no gag reflex
  • I have all four of my wisdom teeth
  • I can double-cross my legs
  • I still have my tonsils
  • I love Cube
  • I love to read manuals and pamphlets
  • I am guilty of all seven deadly sins... and I'd do them all again.
Currently: Engaged.
Mission: The pursuit of Happiness. All else is tertiary.