Herein lies the Hero, the Soldier

Deep in darkest heart's desire
stoked by hate, a burning fire
to warm the evil, filth, and mire
of thousand wrongs, of which he tires

the soldier sets down his sword

far above, a singing choir
songs of love, a new empire
fill the ears of this sire
who gives his worship to darkest pyre

the soldier kneels to the ground.

and from above an angel swept,
and seeing the sight,
the angel wept,
and the soldier took apart from his breast
the sorrows which the soldier kept,
and gave the sorrows to the angel
and into the air the angel lept

the soldier watched

into the air the angel soared higher
and the soldier removed his crown of barbed wire
"I have no sins!" professed the liar,
"I've saved men, from æons dire!"

but the words found no audience save the sire
and he was left to rot, left on fire
deep in darkest heart's desire,
drown in evil, filth, and mire.