two and two is four, and four and four is eight,
all day long, in my cell, I sit and vegetate
my mind, they say, is from within a mess,
the fix, they say, is as yours just as good as mine a guess
so whilst they chat and play their guessing game,
in here I sit, left alone, with my own mind to tame
I can't break free, I know, I've tried, of the shackles that hold me still,
so I'm dragged down with them, further and further and further into ill
and the darkness that comes, when I close my eyes, is more frightening every night,
the horrors that come, and bring to me, a thousand demons plight
they used to stay, where they should, within the bounds of my dreams,
but as of late, I've seen them wait, just outside of sunlit beams
they're waiting for me to close my eyes,
for me to spin dreams of seeing sunrise...
and then they'll come gnashing, with teeth and claws bloody,
to rend me and tear me and make me a mad man's study
I've held them back for days on end,
but the weight of their presence keeps pushing in
my eyes are dying, from lack of sleep they suffer,
and lady sleep, she does grow wary, and harder still it is to bluff her
soon I feel I can't hold back,
and in I cave, and hit my bed, with a dulled, defeated whack
I close my eyes, and for an instant enjoy the blissful void,
but in an instant, the horrors are on me, and my sanity is destroyed
I see my semblance shatter, as would a pane of glass,
and I myself, begin the dance, of the mad hatters sick romance...

though it's not so bad, now that I see, what the horrors were trying to convey,
I'm alright, and it's all so clear now, despite what the doctors say
to see it through my eyes, you'd see the doctors try
to grasp my new found freedom, and from my fingers pry,
but I won't let them, for I have found the key
to keep them at bay, to make them pay,
for what they try to do to me
I'll jump and holler, and make all forms of rucus,
to show them, to teach them, that they're never going to fuck us,
my horrors and I...

In the calm of morning, strapped immobile to my bed
I hear the doctors, as if in my head
I hear them state, that the best conclusion to which they came,
is that insanity awakens, in sleep of the sane...
and then I laugh,
and then I cry,
and then I know, that sometime during the night,
I did die.