title withheld

Contained within the gilded name is she,
warmly cocooned in purple embrace-
a bundle of contradictions to be,
that having no other conduit of expression
light upon her placid face the shapings of a perfect grace.
A smile it seems, a treasure it beams,
memories of her contoured frame-
the soft of curves and dimpled grin,
from whose fertile grounds hopes had teemed parallel such wonderous dreams-
of oceans wide and turbulent streams-
and though dreams will wane beauty remains, embedded, in the gilded name,
the rare of smiling girl encompassed within a lavender sevenths hug,
and I lay my head upon the desk and await dream chariot arrive,
to whisk me away and join the lavender and sweet miss
of brown hair and mahogony eyes...
the little furnace to keep me warm,
and I to hold her evermore.