A Study in Modernism

Suddenly we are minimalists to the max.

We are ready for escape
from the clutches of the overwrought stage,
we are ready for the clean, cool, uncluttered lines...
for basics.

sleek purity

These are not ideological decisions,
They are sensual choices easily made and easily revised.
Modernism is incapable of any richness of expression,
thus, the unusual evironment within
Becomes a place that engages the city, instead of withdrawing.
We are all part of a complete aesthetic view of the world.

A vision so compelling...

These spaces are static,
Distilling what remains into something as close to perfect as possible.
The silences, the spaces in between,
are the spaces that speak for the repressed human character,
these are the spaces that through ignorance and proud division,
we have supressed and destroyed.