By: The Cipher

     I was born a naked larvae, weak, sensitive, and exposed to the outside world. The climate of my home wore quickly on what little protection I had. So I strenghted my shell. I made my skin tougher, my limbs stronger, and I was able to live comfortably. As time passed I grew bored with my life and decided to venture out of my home and into the world. The world was much harsher than my home ever was, vast stretches of turbulence and deep oceans of chaos were everywhere. I stayed not long in the world, and quickly returned to my home. As soon as I returned, however, I remembered why I had left. So I made my shell stronger yet, I now wore plates of armour, I practiced and trained until my limbs were as strong as I could get them; and I went back out into the world. Now I could explore. I traveled through the turbulence, swam the oceans, and loved every minute of it. All around me, things were happening. The world was beautiful to behold... but I wanted more. I tried to become one with the turbulence, to melt into the oceans, but met with failure. I decided that just observing was all I could do and I tried to go deeper into the oceans, I tried to wind my way through the turbulence, but I needed to be stronger still. I built an armoured vehicle around myself, massive plates of protectiveness riveted together with strength. Now I could go almost anywhere. I explored the depths of the oceans, the intricacies of the turbulence; and for a long period of time, I was happy. But a want grew within me, a need that I did not understand. There was something more, something that I wanted but that I didn't know. I decided to move my home into the turbulence, perhaps surrounded by it, I would feel complete. So I built a fortress, a massive fortess, an impenetreble fortess. I built the fortress in the heart of the turbulence, and I extended it down to the depths of the ocean. From inside the fortress, I could see everything. All around me I saw the turbulence through the indestructible windows, and in my vast tunnels I could scour the depths of the oceans... all without leaving the comfort of my shell. Then again for a long period of time, I was happy. I thought that finally I had found the solution to my problem; but I was wrong. My revelation came to my one day when I decided to find out what the turbulence was, I wanted to know exactly what it was that flowed through the oceans. At the end of one of my tunnels I found the answer. It was me, or rather, beings like me, that went straight from their homes into the turbulence- without any protection at all. They almost immediately became one with the turbulence and with the oceans. I looked all around me, it was piercingly clear now. Everywhere I had been looking I had not realized what I was seeing. The turbulence was the others, the others of my kin, the oceans too. Then I saw the the turbulence poured into the oceans and the oceans into the turbulence. I remembered the time I first ventured outside my home. A pale, pinkish larvae, naked to the world and completely vulnerable. Instead of embracing my vulnerability, I ran from it, enclosing myself in ever more elaborately protective layers until I could see the things that I wanted to become, without becoming the things I was seeing. That's when it occurred to me, I would just have to take myself out of this foolish place, shed my armour and dive head first into a new life. But then reality hit swiftly as I tried to remove the armour from myself. In my efforts become invulnerable, I had locked myself in and thrown away the key; the armour did not come off. I panicked, I ran around my fortress looking for and exit, then I realized that there was no exit, I hadn't even considered it when I was putting myself in this coffer. I sank to the ground. I was now acutely aware of the being in the armour, a being that had become dry and withered, trapped in a prison of its own device. It is here in the fortress I now stay, and shall stay for eternity; for even if I could release myself from this bondage it would be to no avail, I had transformed into an island unto myself, and in the process, become a creature that could live only on the island; and nowhere else.