The Final Battle

      'Twas the bright day of sun, and all through eternity, not a single creature was... (living). The sun rose, and the sun set. Then on its apex in the sky, it died. The sun twisted and turned through the sky, becoming a deep, blood red. It grew larger and shot forth from it a black beam, upon which rode a plethora of demonic creations.

     The creations flew through the streets, driving back the light and goodness, thieving the souls of those who would not believe. The carnage raged wilst the loving God looked on.

     Clouds of storm and hate engulfed the sky and concentrated where the sun once was. From this concetration a break appeared and a pure white light filtered down through the Evil. Riding upon this beam was an army of angels, bearing flaming swords and salvation.

     The angels touched down and fought the demons and pushed them back to their hellish origin. Day7s passed. The armies battled on, Demons maliciously slew the angels, cutting them down in bloody massacre, the angels, fighting back, took their swords to the Demons' throats, many heads did roll.

     It looked as if once again, the holy would defeat the unholy, that the almighty had won out. But a deep wrong, never righted, was present and a thick rumbling shook the Earth. A church seemed to be epicenter for this disruption and from it was rediated a pale red light. The frame of the building shattered and from the ground upon which it had sat a power burst forth.

     Dirt and boulders were thrown high into the air, dark tentacles began streaming out of the hole, latching onto anything with great hooks of yellowed bone dripping with decay; everything, houses, streets, even the sky; and with a sudden force all werre ripped out of this reality and pulled down into the dark, unending hole. All that was left was a barren, destroyed land.

     Two huge claws protruded from the hole, and what was left of the angelic army scattered, even the creatures of darkness cringed as the only power they feared raised its massive claws, the sun and clouds marched quickly through the sky, passing every fifteen seconds, but the dark red glow emanating from the sky never faltered. The awesome beast further shed the hole that was birthing it, Evil is born. The arms supporting the claws bent down in the most unimagineable way, and the claws clenched the ground. Then with a sudden force, the claws heaved forth a truly ungodly being of grotesque monstrosity, wings of torn and tattered child-flesh crawled obscenely out of the back of it, they opened, and the pugent stench of human rot enveloped the air.

     The wings spanned the horizon and rose to the zenith fo the dome of the firmament. The being radiated such evil that it burned. Now, fully emerged from its womb of the wrongs of man, now fully grown, stood...


     Bent, cruel eyes of hatred and darkness stared mindlessly out of its head. It opened his elongated, putrid snout to impossible proportions and screamed the howl of gothic hatred.

     The scream went unanswered but for a sudden snow of light. The flakes of love glittered down onto the ground and from the heavens descended an immense winged creature. The being drew a golden sword and cut slowly and methodically at the air about it. Suddenly, it was gone.

     A flash of light then swallowed the land, and there stood an enamored figure, a figure cast in golden armor of sharp lines and godliness, the helmeted eyes opened and so had the floodgates of Right opened. This was the coming of God.

     They stood facing each other, as if battling through thought, the mighty combatants strained against one another, and the mortified souls of their mutual creation looked on. It was this sight that is banned from mortal viewing. They each let out terrible cries, and stood taut, gazes bent on one another. Finally, Lucifer screamed in pain and fell to the ground; then with a single mighty swing of his flaming sword God cut through Lucifer, leaving the smoldering shell of evil as the only evidence of his existance.

     He strode through the destruction, sifting out those who would be saved and those who would not. Then again a flash of light engulfed the land and he was gone.

     Finally, with twisted corpses and fallen angels littering the streets, the confrontation was over. The powers unleased in this time are such that will never be unleashed again. The people witness to this shock will never again see the light of day, for those who were to be saved were, and the others were left to sift through the rubble of a judged world; form which had been removed the life of God; and so shall never again flourish with that life now removed.