Tradition Freewriting: Pt. 1

     Tradition should be kept because it just should. Where are we without the signs? The road markers? The pot holes on the tarmac of eternity? The pits and scars generated by the countless drones of the omnipresent tickery of the biological clock. These are not ideological decisions, nay, they are sensual choices easily made and easily revised. We are not without the binding thread of commonimity. How do we face each other without knowing where to look? Come one come all to the magical playground of my creation, the human spirit, devoid of direction and pointing to blankness. It is the traditions playing compass to our wandering souls, stargazing, making maps where none exist before. How to see the purple gray heavens sans the abnormal creator. Where is your God now? Lying hidden in Apollos cart, laying, doubting, daring, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before. Look upon these lost ages, find within the context of their pages the meaning for your existence.