Tradition Freewriting: Pt. 2

     Young people should be free to ignore traditions, to be free to build a new society. Is this really the case? Should the young 'uns be free to tear down the architectural marvels constructed of wrought iron and spent sweat of their ancestors? Would it be? Could it be? A different shade of gray? How can you let them do that? If to allow them you will, one would want to be sure that the beliefs and purposes to which they subscribe warrant the wholesale destruction of the machines of their birth. What purpose have they in tearing down the product of sedentary progress if only to erect that which will again in time be torn down? Avast ye swabs! Take they dick from out thy ear! Listen now to me you wretched wastes of skin and oxygen! To entrust the construction of the future to untrained minds and nubile hands is the mark of a fool! What reson have ye to expect more than bilious curd to be produced from the undeveloped teat? I have a more supple proposition, them, the ones whom have the experience, who harbour within themselves the guiding light, hand them control of the spirit the young posses, it is a great tool, wielded properly only by those who no longer have it.