Delusions of a Virgin

     What is it about her, I often think to myself. I don't know, I answer myself. There's something there, perhaps hidden somewhere in the curvature of her body, perhaps in its crevices. Sometimes I think I've found it, sometimes when we're together. I thought I had it once, so long ago, the first time. It was the perfect time to find something of mystery, it was nighttime, it was summer, it was outside. She lay on darkened hilltop, beautiful company to the chilled clover on the ground beside her. She lay a wall blocking the moonlight to the few inches of ground along her... my life, my love, a silhouette in moonlight.
     So I came up to join her, to be at peace with her... she seemed so at peace. I lay along her, cradled by the shadow she cast. My arms became her blanket and suddenly she came to life, coming out of her trance to return my warm embrace. In that moment, something clicked, something in the air, the world around us, it was electric. She turned around to face me and the visage that greeted me was one of... of... my experience lacks comparison. She closed her eyes and moved her face closer to mine, at this point I dropped my eyelids and entered a world apart from that darkened hilltop, her lips met mine and didn't leave, and I became one with the universe. We kissed for what was a forever, each hungrily attacking the other, tongues dueling within our shared mouths. Now energy fills me and my hands look to encompass her entirety, my searching fingers find the fold in her silken nightgown and burrow to the skin underneath, the smooth, soft, velvety skin that so often had caused my eyes to wish for the ability to feel, if only for a moment.
     While I am lost in the tactile beauty of her rounded buttock, curving back and voluptuous breast, she searches with her own hands to find the me hidden underneath the clothes on my body. My shirt is unbuttoned, and my belt is loosened and her arms rap around to my back, holding me firmly to her. We have now started what we both know must be finished. The embrace that held us so enraptured we now release, and in love stricken haze we finish what our blind hands had started... her nightgown lay in heap on the hilltop, my shirt and pant beside. Now we sit naked with only Gaia to preside, she lays back to the ground and I lay atop her. My hands find hers, and I push them them above her head and I kiss her fully now... she returns tenfold what I give and I move down, kissing her cheek and neck and wishing every moment that each would last forever. I release her hands as I move toward her breasts, kissing each gently and massaging her ribcage a the sides, I kiss her stomach now as my hands find their home with the glorious mounds of flesh above.
     I feel I could continue forever, and at the same time that I can't stand it at all. I sit up for a moment to take in this moment, to bathe in it's beauty. Our eyes meet and I realize why I live, for all the suffering in life is price for this moment, a price I pay with eagerness. She now spreads her legs and I lay back down atop her, now cradled in the warmth of her flesh, we kiss madly now and she reaches down to massage her vagina, I feel a surge of energy within me as she then grasps my phallus and guides it into her... the sensation is too much. I feel her warmth in my entire body, the wet, warm, and tight feeling of entering her, we are become one.
     We lay together now, one entity, and I begin to move in and out, she throws her head back and a moan escapes her, escapes me. We kiss passionately now, gyrating together, the missing pieces to each others puzzle. Faster and faster we move, more frenetic our kisses, the electricity in the air is tangible as we build towards some magnificent climax. Peristaltic waves of pleasure curse throw my body, and laying against her I can feel that she feels the same. Faster now, like a feeding frenzy, I push and rub and grind and shove and I feel as though I'm about to explode. She throws her head back again, and again a moan escapes, but this is of an animal, a wild animal finally free from the bonds of humanity and now the intensity is too much, she explodes into a writhing mass, shuddering in pleasure, from without and within, to see her laying there lost completely to the pleasures of the flesh, to feel her from within and feel her quaking sends me now over the edge. The energy pent up inside, the energies of love are set free and I release them inside her, myself now lost to the world completely, at one with her and the universe.
     This lasts for minutes, hours, years.. I don't know, but in the end we collapse upon each other, to sleep away the tiredness, and sleep away the world.