IPFW stories

"I'm tired Joe."

"Take a break Mick, rest... it's over now, you can rest."

Mick’s eyes opened to the floor.

"That's not what I mean Joe."

"I know Mick... I know."

And Joe left. At the sound of gunshot he put his back to the wall, slid down, and cried.

"It’s foolishness to proclaim that the universe just ‘always has been’ and ‘always will be’; how can something come of nothing? I don’t understand how anyone can deny a creator."

"Alright, where did this creator come from?"

"Well obviously he just always has been and always will be."

"I see."

The air was in great unease. Restless winds paced itching lands. Darkness crept warily across, drawn reluctantly by a nervous sun cowering further beneath the horizon. As the nocturne progressed a rutting earth god awoke to the solicitous gaze of the night goddess. Thunder, rain, and lightning shook the world.

Citing statements by Bush, Iran rebuked accusations of harboring nuclear weapons; stating: "It’s ridiculous to contend that we harbor ‘nuke-u-ler’ weapons. What the hell are those? Is that even a word? Did he look that up in a ‘lie-bary’"? Chuckling, Iran then mumbled something about a great pun and left.