Corruption on the highest level will desecrate even the most perverse souls, the most abnormal beings, you and I. I have the key to infinity forbidden, a world untold. In the name of God it was banished, but destruction did not ensue.

     In unholy acts the door becomes visible and through continued prying of Pandora's box I have trapped myself in this eve. The exit is vanished in completeness now, sealed by guardian swords of God, the only way is now the wrong way. I turn the door to my eternity and feel the wrongness of it, why did I not see this?

     Claws grab at me, I try to resist but it is hopeless. My flesh becomes eaten by the Terrors and I am dragged through the doorway. Flying down a long tunnel of sights that should not be seen I find myself screeching for forgiveness, I repent, I repent, I REPENT!

     My time is over. The Dark One sees my battered existence and laughs. Above me I see the back of God, and feel his protection taken away. I am left to my torment; it is what I deserve.