A Sight Unseen

      Out of nowhere he came, a strong man with a deathly fear playing across his face. He fired his massive shotgun into nothing, and from the nothing came terrible howls and calls of unGodly things. His shots boomed through the darkness, my ears bled.

      He jumped backwards after an apparent blow, held up his gun and fired at the street light. From deep within the earth a Hell-wrenching scream poured out to the sky, the man shoved his last bullet into the barrel and fired, the sound of an enormous mass of flesh being punctured followed. The man fell dead, a hole through his chest.

      I stood amazed, unable to function. A trembling began, and a whirlpool of light engulfed the man. But in that flash, I saw something strange. I saw bodies, inhuman bodies, twisted mangled beings not of the holy denomination. But it was a moment I did see them; a moment that was all.